The Smart Home that Teaches Itself

Introducing the Nuro™ BriteLight™ Switch

  • Advanced sensing that understands and interprets activity
  • Built-in machine learning on every device
  • Automated operation that matches your personal preferences

An open, self-learning platform
that understands, anticipates, and reacts

Fully Automated Home Automation

By learning your personal preferences, Nuro uses predictive analytics to anticipate action and automate your home.

No complex programming.

No special wiring.

No hubs or control panels.


Nuro’s advanced sensors intelligently detect activity to recognize and learn patterns of activity — day by day, room by room.


Based on the surrounding conditions in your home, such as ambient light or present activity, Nuro determines the appropriate action to take.


Nuro’s artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities analyze and predict usage patterns and then automatically recommend or take action.

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