Automating the process of home automation

Home Automation Made Easy

Many home “automation” solutions today aren’t really automated. You have to tell them what to do — if you can figure out how to set them up.

With Nuro, there’s no need for any special programming or complex setup. Nuro does all the work for you. It watches and learns and then adjusts the lights automatically based on your personal preferences and activities. Here are just some of the ways that Nuro can make it easier around your home:

  • Continually sets the light’s brightness to just the right level
  • Turns on the light as you walk into the room (if needed)
  • Does not turn on the light when your pet enters the room
  • Turns off the lights when you leave the room
  • Turns down the lights when you watch TV

All automatically. Without your ever having to touch a switch — or even an app on your phone.

Uncommon intelligence in a common device


Using its built-in sensors, Nuro will automatically adjust the lighting to just the right level — for example, brighter or dimmer if it’s cloudy or sunny. Or if it’s late at night, Nuro will turn on the lights at a low level so your eyes can adjust easily.


Every Nuro device has onboard machine-learning, so it learns your personal preferences and constantly adjusts its settings to match these preferences.

Dim lights in this room? Bright lights in that room? Maybe a little brighter before dinner? No problem. Nuro learns what you like.


Nuro packs a complete home automation solution into something that you already know: the light switch.

It blends seamlessly into any room — without cluttering your home with yet another clunky electronic gadget.

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