Protecting your home with true intelligence

Peace of Mind

Nuro constantly tracks activity and conditions in every room in your home, so you always know what’s going on, even if you’re not there.

In fact, Nuro is so smart, it understands and learns the patterns of activity in your home, so it can tell the difference between the “usual” and “unusual.”

And Nuro will alert you when something seems amiss — for example:

  • If there’s no one home and the lights are still on, Nuro will turn them off for you — and even send you a note, if you like.
  • If someone is in your home when you’re not expecting anyone to be there, Nuro will ask you what you’d like to do — call your family, alert the authorities, or take other appropriate action.
  • If your alarm goes off, Nuro can help tell if there is actually a person in the room or if was just your dog jumping on the sofa again.

Better information. Better security.

Smarter Tracking

Every Nuro device has advanced sensors that constantly track the activity throughout your home, room by room, day by day.

Nuro monitors multiple conditions in every room — activity, temperature, energy usage, ambient light, etc. And it’s so smart, it can even tell the difference between a human and a pet.

Smarter Privacy

Because Nuro uses sophisticated software behind its sensors to track activity, there’s no need for a camera. Zero. Zilch.

So you can put a Nuro device in every room of your house — without having to worry about that “big brother” feeling of a camera watching you all the time.

Smarter Alerts

If you have a home alarm system, you’ve probably had at least one false alarm. In addition to being really annoying, these false alarms could cost you hundreds of dollars.

Nuro can help. Because Nuro monitors and understands different types of motion and activities, it can tell the difference between an intruder and your pet — or a balloon floating across the room.

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